My top 5 must have baby items

There’s really nothing quite so sweet as little tiny baby feet!

Babies seem to need so much stuff! Stuff to feed, stuff to sleep, stuff for teething, stuff for babies development. I have decided to pop down my 5 must have items.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System – Now for something as mundane as a nappy bin, I love it! Now, yes you could save money and just pop your dirty nappies in 52416011_2_640x640a nappy bag and in the main bin in your home, but where would the fun in that be? When it’s cold, raining or dark, you don’t want to go outdoors to throw away dirty nappies! With the Tommee Tippee bin it offers anti-bacterial protection from germs and odours, individually sealing each nappy away in seconds. There’s nothing more fun than making a little string of nappy sausages!

Muslins – and lots of them! I can’t leave the house without at least two of them. Max is 231946378unfortunately a sicky baby and therefore I spend most of my day mopping up after him (or other peoples changing bags – yes he projectiled on another ladies changing bag at a singing class once, highly embarrassing!!) If I didn’t have one of these slung over my shoulder I would have a lot more puke on my clothes!

Bath thermometer – once his umbilical cord fell off I was so excited for him to have his234204405 first bath. My only concern was how warm should the water be. I’m one of those hot bathers. If my skin has not gone a pinky tinge after a bath then it wasn’t hot enough. That certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for a little fella like Max. This little bargain from John Lewis was a god send. The thermometer has 3 indicators – ‘too cold’, ‘ideal’, and ‘too hot’ so you know the bath is just right for your little one.

BM3_Mini_Bath_3-4_White-GreyTippietoes bath – now my best friend bought us a fab bath from Shnuggle and I love it, however while he’s still young and not quite able to hold his head up it’s not ideal for bathing baby alone. So, the same friend lent me her tippeetoes bath, which sadly they don’t seem to sell anymore. It’s brilliant though. It’s at just the right angle for baby to lay back comfortably and with the little built in seat you know they won’t go sliding under. However, I do look forward to going back to the schnuggle bath once he’s a bit older.

Tesco Oxi Stain Remover (Other brands are equally as good) – Yes alright, this isn’t really a baby item as such but my god I couldn’t live without it. My little one is IDShot_540x540unfortunately a sicky baby. It doesn’t bother him in anyway but it just means that within a second of having a nice little outfit on, he’s been sick down it. So, I get through a lot of washing! I spray a little of the stain remover on to those sicky patches and we haven’t had any ruined outifts yet!

What’s on your must have baby list?

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