My Pregnancy Journey

9 months preparing, to fall in love for a lifetime!

Saturday 21st October 2017 – a day that I will remember forever! The day we found out I was pregnant. Now I’m not going to sprinkle it with roses and say how magical my pregnancy was because, if I am perfectly honest, I didn’t really enjoy it that much. It wasn’t the most straight forward of pregnancies. My mum was the first to find out. Just two months earlier the worst thing imaginable happened to our family. Something I don’t think I am quite ready to talk about. So, this news came as a comfort and was something exciting for our family to look forward to. Something we very much needed.

Bleeding – At 17 weeks I had some bleeding. It started as spotting and then turned to a heavier bleed. I was petrified! From the tragic event so raw in my mind, I knew how prescious life was. I couldn’t think of anything worse than something happening to the special little person growing inside me. After a scan and other tests we were reassured that it was just something with my cervix and not to worry. What that something was I’m still not sure to this day! On top of that I have a rare blood type. I am rhesus negative. All pregnant women with rhesus negative blood (RhD negative) are advised to have anti-D, in case their baby has a positive rhesus status (RhD positive). This will mean there’s a mismatch between your rhesus status and your baby’s rhesus status. During pregnancy and birth there are times when your baby’s blood may mix with yours. Without anti-D, your body will treat your baby’s blood as a foreign invader. Your immune system will produce antibodies to destroy blood cells from your baby. Doctors call this sensitisation. So, after each bleed I needed an Anti-D injection and I also needed one at 28 weeks. Max was born rhesus positive so I also had one after his birth!

GBS – When being tested after my episode of bleeding I was advised I had GBS. Group B strep is a type of bacteria called streptococcal bacteria. It’s very common – up to 2 in 5 people have it living in their body, usually in the rectum or vagina. It’s normally harmless and most people won’t realise they have it. It just means that I would need antibiotics every 4 hours from the moment my waters broke or I go into labour, as the baby could catch it as it passes through the vagina.

Pnuemonia – Then at 24 weeks I was hospitalised. I remember it very clearly as it was the day of my husbands 30th birthday! What a great way to celebrate than with your pregnant wife in hospital with possible sepsis! I woke up the morning of his birthday08eaa11b-3dfe-4fb9-83db-5c09fb22e1c8 with a high temperature and pain in my chest. I’d had a similar pain many years ago which was plurisy so I assumed it was that again. What with it being a Sunday I thought it best to get the opinion of a doctor by calling 111, who advised a trip up to A&E was in order. To cut a long story short, I ended up vomiting all over the hospital floor before I was taken to a room on the labour ward for monitoring. With chest pain, high temp, fast pulse and vomiting they treated me immediately for sepsis, which luckily was not the case. I had in fact pneumonia! I was immediately put on a drip to have a course of IV antibiotics. Within minutes of it being administered my hand swelled where the canula was fitted and I was vomiting. After a pretty rough couple of days I was put on the best treatment and made a full recovery, but more importantly little Baby Voyce was all okay through the whole thing!

Baby’s movements – I’ll be honest, baby’s kicks kind of stressed me out during those final months. Did I feel them kick? Have they been kicking but I’m so use to it that I’m not really noticing it anymore? One day I really wasn’t sure if I had, so a trip to the Maternity Day Unit was in store. By now my maternity notes are getting pretty fat! Luckily baby was all fine, but whilst wired up to the monitor, they discovered I was having contractions. I had been feeling a weird sensation since about 20 weeks and just assumed it was pressure from where baby was lying. I was only 27 weeks after all?! After a test for preterm labour they were confident I wouldn’t give birth in the next two weeks (hurrah!) so was sent home and advised I must return if it persists or gets worse!

On reflection, I found being the home for a little growing person a lot of resposibility. Only I could know if they were still kicking, I had to make sure I was eating and drinking responsibly and taking those Pregnacare tablets! But now it’s all over, the anxiety was definitely all worth it!


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