Loving in June

June has been a good month for many reasons and now let’s finish it off the right way with my favourites of the month.

Big Little Lies Book (£3.99) : Everyone has been raving about the TV series and I have it saved to watch at a later date. But I wanted to read the book first. On so many occasions the book is always better than the TV series or film, so I wanted to experience the twists and turns of the story, by diving in to the book and using my own imagination. It’s such a good book. I can’t say much as I would’t want to spoil the story, but it’s one of those books you just can’t put down!


First Anniversary Celebrations : On the 4th June, Matt and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It was so special. We went back to Laura Ashley (our wedding reception venue) and stayed the night again in the Bridal Suite. It included a delicious 3 course dinner, a bottle of prosecco and a buffet style breakfast the next morning. It was divine, to the point that Matt and I really didn’t want to leave the next day. Do check out Laura Ashley The Manor, it’s a fantastic hotel!


Flowers : I love filling my house with flowers. It helps turn a house in to a home. I am a huge fan of wild looking flowers, but now with Peony’s in season, I have to have a vase with them in. Matt bought me the most gorgeous pale pink bunch and I am in love!

The Sunshine : I am the suns biggest fan! As soon as it’s sunny and warm, my sunglasses are on and I’m outside with a ice cream. The BBQs come out, G&T’s are flowing and everyone is just that little bit happier. The sun certainly cheers me up! Please be here to stay for the summer, Mr Sunshine!!

My Kitchen : I am so in love with my kitchen. In December 2015 we moved from a modern 2 bed new build flat to a 3 bed semi detached 1930’s house. It was the most amazing thing we did, but the house needed a lot of work (and once we have completely finished I will blog the transformation!!) The kitchen was tiny, with no plumbing for a washing machine let alone a dishwasher. The 50s style vinyl was disgusting and we didn’t have room to properly cook. After almost a year of living like this, we started the wall demolition. We knocked through the dining room and kitchen to make one big kitchen diner and I am in love! Easily my favourite room in the house and perfect for entertaining – especially now I’ve kitted it out with a drinks bar!


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