My Morning Routine

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing to do is wake up – JM Power

You may have read my blog about how to start your day the right way, but I thought I would elaborate more on that, by sharing my morning routine with you.

7:45am : My alarm goes off and I am, sort of, ready to start my day. Luckily, I don’t have a massively early start to the day! The first thing I do is wash my face and have a shower. It’s the best thing for me to do to wake me up.

8:15am : I put in my contact lenses and moisturise. Having been on holiday to Italy, I am desperate to cling on to any remnants of holiday tan, so for me it’s crucial to moisturise everyday. I use the Piz Buin After Sun with Tanimel and on my face I am still loving the Clinique Moisture Surge.

8:30am :  If I can fit in a quick meditation then I will. I find it really helps to reset from the previous day. If it’s a day of meetings then I will use this time to put some make up on. On a quite day I go make up free, which is really helping my skin.

8:45am : I will make my breakfast, usually on a working day it’s a bowl of porridge with a squeeze of honey and strawberries. Then I will prepare my lunch – usually something nice and easy like a Wholegrain Rice and Quinoa packet or a ham sandwich with a bag of hula hoops – yes I realise that sounds like a kids pack lunch! If I have the time and ingredients then I will make up a salad.

9:00am : I head back up to clean my teeth, pack my bag and get ready to hit the road.

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