Beautiful Italy

Italy really is a beautiful country and even better when you are there for a gorgeous friends wedding. If you haven’t been before this photos may entice you to book a trip!

As I have mentioned, the main focus for our trip was for my gorgeous friends Helen and James’ wedding. Matt and I were bridesmaid and usher and it really was going to be a fabulous trip for us. So, we thought we’d turn it in to a mini holiday as well. Now, I could waffle on about Italy for hours so I am going to break it down in to a few sections.

Firstly, food! Italy know how to do pasta and pizza, that’s a definite. My week consisted of lots of bread, meats, cheeses, pizza, pasta and an extremely large piece of steak – shared with the hubby I would like to add. Oh, and the gelato – just the word gelato sounds better, to me, compared to ice cream and it also tastes so much better too!


Next up is the beautiful views. Tuscany is beautiful. From the colourful skies at night to the gorgeous architect there is so much to see and do. Even on the flight in we travelled over the Alps, which was a gorgeous sight from the airplane window. Siena was beautiful with it’s incredible, historic buildings and little steep alleyways leading to hidden gems. A highlight has got to be seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa – that was pretty special.


Then lastly, the wedding! What with the gorgeous setting and amazing food, my awesome friends then got married. Helen looked stunning and I was so proud to be by her side as her bridesmaid. Helen chose to have her hen do after the wedding, which made it more of a celebration of her becoming Mrs Latter. We started the day the right way with yoga in the sun, followed by a yummy lunch and then a trip into Siena with dinner with a stunning view! Pure bliss!



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