Loving in May

It’s the end of the month again. Where did the time go? So, I’m bringing you another Favourites – and weirdly this one seems to be very clothes orientated! But then again, I love clothes!!

Topshop MOTO Oversized Denim Jacket (£46) : Yes, I know, pretty much every women owns this denim jacket. But it is a pretty awesome jacket! The length is perfect for me – my bottom is slightly on the larger size – so it’s nice to have something that is slightly longer and I love the oversized style. Plus, it actually keeps me warm. It’s safe to say I am in love! Buy Here


Topshop Matte Plisse Awkward Trousers (£32) : My god these are comfy! I have IBS, which causes severe bloating, so strapping myself in to a pair of skinny jeans is the last thing I need on a bad day! But these trousers are seriously a god send. They are the most comfortable trousers I own and can be dressed down with trainers and a tee shirt or you can pop on a pair of heels and a top for the evening. Perfect! Buy Here


Nike Racquette Court Trainers (£45.50) : I love these trainers. Not only are they gorgeous but they are so comfortable. These have been my shoes of choice for pretty much the whole of May! I got them from ASOS and sadly they don’t have many sizes left, but they do seem to replenish quite often. Buy Here



Topshop Teddy Bear Dressing Gown (was £32 now SOLD OUT) : This is the softest and cosiest dressing gown I have ever owned. As soon as I get home from work the dressing gown goes on and the cute bunny ears hoodie goes up. Now I just wish I could were it outside of the house!


Harry Styles Album (£8.99 on iTunes) : I have never ever been a One Direction fan. I’m not a fan of their music and I am not into the whole boyband thing, but Harry Styles’ new album, I have to say, is very different to any of his previous music. My favourite song on the album is Sign of the Times – it really reminds me of something David Bowie would have produced, which I think is even more of a reason why I like it.


What are you loving this month? Why not comment below!

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