Carry On Essentials

This month I am off to Tuscany. I’m not only looking forward to spending some time in a beautiful place, but it’s one of my very close friends weddings. I will be taking on the role of Bridesmaid and the hubby is an Usher, so all very exciting! Therefore, I thought I would use this trip to share with you what I pack in my carry on. It’s not a long haul flight or anything so there’s nothing that out of the ordinary that I would pack, but neither the less here’s nosey in my bag.

The Bag : Every flight I have the tough decision of choosing between my Longchamp Tote bag or a backpack of some sort. I’m more of a backpack person as I like to be hands free. For Italy, I am going with my grey and rose gold backpack from Primark. I love this bag so much!! It was £9 and not only gorgeous to look at, it fits quite a lot inside.



iPhone : This is not only my phone but my life! Yes, I am a phone addict – there I’ve said it! But it also has all my music on and what better way to zone out from a noisy plane journey than listening to some music.

iPad : That’s one thing about short flights on cheaper airlines, there is no inflight entertainment, so we always tend to take my iPad away mainly to watch Films or a TV series. I find it passes the time quicker.

Headphones : I think this is pretty obvious! I need my music, I need some form of entertainment and I can’t get it without these bad boys. Mine are the Beats by Dr Dre – I love them! They fold up as well so are perfect for travel and the sound quality is awesome. Also, I do tend to get a little anxious on flights and screaming children and weird airplane noises aren’t really my soundtrack of choice!

Headphone Jack : This little thing is amazing. We bought it at the airport when we were travelling a couple of years ago and it’s perfect for the 2 of us. We can watch a film together on the iPad and both hear it, which is always an advantage!



Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream : I swear by this stuff and need it in my bag at all times, especially when travelling.

Soap and Glory Hand Cream : Another handbag must have for me and I am always reapplying when flying.

Clinique Moisture Surge Mini : I always tend to have at least 3 or 4 days a week without make up. So travelling is always a no make up day. I can always feel my face starting to dry out on a flight, so this is a must!

Spare Contact Lenses and Glasses : A must have as my eyes get so dry on a flight.

Water : I always carry a bottle of water and I’m sure will come as a no brainer to everyone. It’s just so important to stay hydrated.



Oversized Scarf : I do tend to get a bit chilly on flights so a nice scarf doubles up as a blanket. Plus I love something familiar and soft round me on a flight. I think it goes back to my slight anxiety.

Sunglasses : I am so in love with my Ray-Bans. They are copper frames with a rose gold lense and fold up into an adorable case! What more can I say?

Book : I always need a book to read on holiday, whether it’s for the flight or chilling by the pool. I’ve started Big Little Lies ready for this breakaway.

Passport and Boarding Pass : Obvs! And I must point out my gorgeous Ted Baker Passport case!



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