The 7 P’s to Auditioning

Punctuality : Never be late! I think that’s a given. Turning up late to a casting doesn’t give a good impression. But you also don’t want to be too early. I always get to the location of the venue really early, just incase there’s any public transport issues. I suss out where the venue is and then I will go for a walk or find a park to sit in. It’s my chance to relax. Bit of deep breathing and positive thinking.

Positivity : I strongly believe you should head into a casting feeling positive. You are never going to give your best performance if you start of thinking you are never going to be good enough. I like to say this little mantra to myself, “I am here to solve your problem, I am what you are looking for”.

Presentation : Always present yourself well. Don’t head to a casting having not even brushed your hair or with last nights make up smeared all over your face. And I always like to have minty fresh breath!

Preparation : Be one step ahead of the game. Do your research. Know who the director is, what he’s directed, who he’s worked with. If you’ve seen any of his work or worked with any of the same people then you have something to talk about in the casting. Read the play and get a true understanding of the character. Most of the time you are just sent sides, so if it’s a play try and get a copy and read the whole thing. This isn’t always possible with a TV or film casting. But as much information as you can source will be beneficial.

Personality : Show the real you in the casting. They want to make sure you are someone they can easily work with.

Politness : From the casting director to the receptionist marking you in for the casting, be polite. Word will spread and if you go in with the wrong attitude that will get back to all the relevant people. Always thank those in the casting room, but as you leave thank the receptionist too.

Professionalism : Be professional! If you put the other P’s to practice – be punctual, well prepared and presentable there’s no doubt you will come across professional.


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