Fresh Nails

Sometimes a bit beautifying is what us women need to feel just that little more awesome! If I had the money I would get individual eyelash extensions done. I’ve had them done on special occasions, such as my best friends wedding and my own big day, of course, however I would love to have it done monthly. That and a back massage too. But one thing I do treat myself to, is getting my nails done.


There is nothing like a fresh set of nails to give you the confidence boost you need. I’ve even roped my Mum in too., so it’s become quite a girls event. As you can see from the main photo above, my Mum went for a light pink, which is actually the colour I wore on my wedding day. Mum has only just started to veer away from her comfort zone of a french manicure, venturing in to some more bolder colours.


My friend, who I went to school with, is actually a qualified therapist who comes to my house to do our nails. (For those in the Hertfordshire area – check out Suzannah Hiskey, she’s fab!) She brings along a wide range of Bio Sculpture Gel colours and I love choosing a new colour at every appointment. This time round I went for a nude colour with a slight shimmer over the top. It’s nice to have just that little bit of pampering!


Why not look for a Bio Sculpture technician in you area at the Bio Sculpture website?

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