How to get Organised!

Bullet journals seem to be a bit of a hype at the moment, so of course I jump on the band wagon. We all know from previous blogs I am a stationary obsessive, so it was only a matter of time I got myself a bullet journal. Although that being said my awesome husband actually bought me it for my birthday. I think my endless evenings watching YouTube video after YouTube video was a big enough hint! FullSizeRender-3So, what makes the bullet journal the hot new way to stay organised? I’m not really sure if I’m honest. The idea is to use rapid logging to stay organised – using a dot to log a task, cross to complete it and a dash to mark a note. There are many other symbols, but none if that seems to work for me. What I like about the bullet journal is that I can create whatever I like. I love how I can log a Birthday Calendar, a to do list, and my one, five and ten year goals all in a layout that works for me. I can keep up to date with future plans with the future log and stay organised month to month with my monthly calendar. FullSizeRender-4I also love to throw in some inspirational quotes. Just as I’m flicking through my notebook I see them and they spur me on for my week ahead or put a smile on my face if I’m having a down day! The reason the bullet journal just works for me, is that I have everything in one place. I don’t need a notebook with blog ideas and to do lists as long as my arm, plus a diary containing my life I have everything I need in one book with a layout that works for me!FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-2



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