Back with a new look!

Whilst sat here on the sofa, casually sipping on a glass of bubbles (it’s a Saturday night and the hubby’s at work), I realised how much I missed blogging. I think I found it hard before. Not really sure if anyone was actually reading my posts makes you question why the hell you are doing this.

Now, my blog is about my life since drama school, which can be limiting on what content you can provide. I was aiming to keep it all strictly acting, but thinking about it recently, my life isn’t only acting. Shock horror, there is more to me – well, I like to think so anyway!

So, as of today, my blog will be changing… slightly! I will be posting about anything and everything. I will of course still talk about the performing world because it’s my passion, but throw in some monthly faves, travel blogs and the odd bit of baking into the mix and hopefully I will be able to bring you a more varied blog.

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