My New Job!

N.B. This is going to be a quick little post!

I absolutely love acting and as I have mentioned before, us actors need money jobs, but I am kind of at the point in my life that I need more than just a money job. I want a career. A job that has the potential for me to work my way up, learn new things, expand my knowledge and push myself. I am so excited to announce that I have found just that. I have got a new job. A job I am unbelievably excited about, plus it’s still in the entertainment business.

I am Assistant Agent at Nancy Hudson Associates.

Nancy Hudson Associates is a talent agency run by, of course, Nancy Hudson. Nancy solely runs the agency and with around 80 actors on her books, the time has come for an assistant. Step forward Hana Voyce.

Some of my duties include answering the phone, responding to breakdowns, speaking to casting directors and actors and deal with day-to-day events in the office. I will also get the opportunity to look for new talent at showcases and see shows that our clients are in. Any excuse to go to the theatre is good with me. I was lucky enough to have my first work theatre trip to Peter Pan in Scarlet at The Oxford Playhouse which has two of our clients in. Don’t worry a review on that will be coming soon!

Today was my first day on the job and I look forward to filling you in once I’ve got my teeth in to it!

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