Top 5 TV Programmes of August

As an actor it can be very hard to watch a TV programme or see a film and even take a trip to the theatre. Not because you want to rip the actor from the stage and do the part… well sometimes it is! But because you are viewing it with a critics mind. I find the beautiful camera angles, the perfectly edited shots and the engaging moments that the actors bring. Or sometimes I pick out things I am not sure about!

But over the last few months I have seen some fabulous TV that I just have to write about. Performances that have inspired me or writing that has gripped me from the start. Now remember, these are my own personal opinions and you may disagree.

THE FLASH My husband, Matt and I, are huge Marvel and DC fans. We love all The Avenger movies and even have Hulk, Iron Man, The Flash and Captain America coasters in our house. But when we saw they were bringing out The Flash the TV series we just had to watch it! Now, I am one of those people who if I am not truly engaged in a programme, ends up browsing my phone. But I have found with Flash I never once glance at my phone. The first series is about a boy, who after a significant turn of events gets the ability to move at superhuman speed. I want go in to too much details as I don’t want to give too much away. But we are now on to the second series and I can tell you now, it’s just as good as the last. The second series is currently airing on Sky 1 and you can get the first series on demand.


ONCE UPON A TIME I absolutely love this series. It’s available on Netflix and is addictive! I’ve caught up now on all 5 series and actually feel quite sad that I now need to wait till the 25th September for the 6th series. All the characters from Fairy Tale Land have been thrown in to the real world, thanks to a curse from the Evil Queen. All six series are just as good as the last and it’s well worth a viewing. It’s certainly not your typical Fairy Tale story. I think the acting is superb all though there is one character that slightly grates on me, but luckily they aren’t a regular. Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin is incredible. His characterisation is spot on! Seriously go and check it out!


DANCE MOMS Okay, okay, it’s a reality TV programme. I’m not a massive fan of rality TV, mainly because I would rather see some great drama’s or comedies on our TVs instead of a group of strangers being thrown in to a house together. However, that being said, I am actually loving Dance Moms. I danced from the age of 3 to about 19, until I decided to focus on acting, so programmes on a group of child dancers training to become stars is right up my street. Every week they are preparing for a new competition and pretty much always win! One of the girls Maddie is the amazing dancer from Sia’s music videos!!


BORDERLINE Yes, I know that currently only 2 episodes have aired on Channel 5, so I am basing this review purely on the first 2 episodes, but I am really enjoying it. It’s just a bit of easy viewing and doesn’t involve a whole lot of concentration to keep up with the plot. It’s a new mockumentary on border control agents. It may not be to everyone’s taste but sometimes I just need to watch a little bit of silliness, that’s still quite well acted. For me David Elms as Clive steals it, purely for his characterisation! And I absolutely love the brilliant one liners Jackie Clune’s character Proctor ends on. Well, she has for the last 2 I hope this is a running theme for the series. If anything watch it just for that! Tuesdays, 10pm on Channel 5.


Now, the last one is actually a request from my husband Matt. He is absolutely loving a programme at the moment… slightly addicted is the words that spring to mind, so I am going to give you a little review from his point of view.

LIMITLESS You may remember the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper. It’s a brilliant film based on the affects of a drug called NZT, a miracle drug that gives the taker access to every area of their brain. For twelve hours after taking the pill, you become the smartest person in the world, able to perfectly recall every detail of life and capable of prodigious leaps of intuition and reasoning. The TV programme is then a progression on that. It stars Jake McDorman as Brian who, as a struggling musician, takes the drug and ends up using the benefits of the drug to help the FBI solve crimes. Plus, Bradley Coooper pops up in the series, as the role he played in the film, every so often. So, I asked Matt what it was he liked about the TV programme and the next bit is in his own words… 

I like the idea that there could be a drug out there that could completely open up your mind. I also like to man crush on Bradley Cooper, although he’s not in it much. But the other guy (Jake McDoman) is good and I like his witty banter. The storylines are different each week and they are really good.


What TV programmes are you enjoying at the moment? We love a good recommendation.

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