Top 5 Modern Plays to Read

I love reading plays. Often when I read a book I try and pick out all the dialogue and turn it into a play rather than read all the descriptive parts of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading books and I am currently reading All The Bright places by Jennifer Niven, but I really enjoy reading plays. Therefore, I thought I’d write a list of plays I’ve loved reading and maybe you’d love too. I’ve narrowed it down to 5, which was tough, and only included modern. If I got on to Shakespeare’s plays, then I’d be here all day. Right then, let’s get on with my list!!

  1. Been So Long by Che Walker – This is my all time number one play! I absolutely love 21WSmgWEejL._AC_UL320_SR206,320_it and I am a huge fan of Che Walker’s writing. I actually got to work with Che Walker at workshop through drama school. Best experience ever to be sat in the same room as one of my idles. One of the Simone’s monologues in Act One was one of my drama school audition pieces, so I’m very fond of it! It’s set in Bar Pheonix in the heart of Camden Town and follows the night for 5 characters, Barney, Gil, Simone, Yvonne and Raymond. I won’t go in to detail because I really want you to go and read this play. It’s got some naughty words, so not for the faint hearted!! 😉
  2. The Priory by Michael Wynne – I love this play. I’ve stolen a few monologues from this play for audition and drama school purposes and have read it numerous times (so much so, the pages are starting to fall out). It’s about a women called Kate who finds a house in the country to escape to for New Years. Gathering together with some stressed out thirty-somethings leads to mayhem. I love the character of Laura. She is so care-free. Your typical girly girl who on the surface is loving life and says it like it is, but could that all be a cover?
  3. Love and Money by Dennis Kelly – Another fabulous play by an incredible playwright. This play was actually final piece at drama school and I couldn’t have asked for a better play! I played the role of Debbie, Doctor and One. The role of Debbie being my larger role and ultimately one of the Unknownbest characters I have ever played. She is hilarious! The play is about a guy called David who is having an online relationship with a french lady. She continues to question him on his wife Jess’s death until he reluctantly reveals that she tried to commit suicide. They were both suffering from debt so when he found her having taken an overdose he did not help but decided to wait for the pills to work. When he realised that they were taking too long he feeds his unconscious wife vodka so as to kill her. The play then works back in time to just after her death, during their struggles and ends with a monologue from Jess explaining how excited she is that she’s just got engaged. It’s a must read play!
  4. Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth – Another brilliantly written play. I saw this at The Apollo after it had transferred from The Royal Court and it was just jerusalem09newsamazing! Mark Rylance who played Johnny Byron was just out of this world. It’s set on St Patrick’s day and Johnny Byron is a wanted man by the council who are trying to serve him with an eviction notice. But his kid just wants him to take him to the fair, Troy wants to find him and beat him up and hits mates want his endless supply of drugs and alcohol. It’s well worth a read!
  5. Breathing Corpses by Laura Wade – This is actually another play I worked on in imagesdrama school. I played the role of Amy, a young girl that finds a dead body in a hotel room that she is a maid at. Tracing the story backwards from the discovery of a corpse named Jim in a hotel room by the seemingly cursed and talkative hotel maid Amy, the play follows the story of Jim and the corpse he found himself in his storage warehouse which drove him to suicide in the first place.



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