What’s in my bag?

Recently I have become a bit of a YouTube obsessive. I love watching evening routine videos, make up tutorials and my all time favourite, What’s in my bag videos. This is probably because I am nosy and loving having a hunt through peoples bags. But then I thought, it might be quite nice to do a What’s in my bag? post. Fellow nosey people out there, keep reading.


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My bag of choice at the moment is this beauty from Primark. It cost me £7 and I absolutely221-3001525-3S1126H20_MOTTYGREY_M love it. Looks can be deceiving with this one as it looks quite small but can fit a hell of a lot inside. I’m a bit of a designer bag nerd. I love a good designer bag, I just don’t have the
bank balance to justify buying one. But when I saw this one I immediately thought of the Chloé Faye bags that retail at £1,280 and just knew I had to have it. The gold ring and chain detailing is so similar, it just makes the perfect dupe.


Now on to the contents of my bag. What do I lug round with me day in day out?

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My purse Another cheeky purchase from Primark. It only cost me £5 and it fits all my cards in and they are easily accessible. It has a coin section and a back pocket for notes (not that I ever carry much cash #poorpeopleproblems).

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My Ted Baker Key Wallet I love this so much! I got it from John Lewis and I think it was around £30, but it’s perfect for storing my house and car keys. My car has a touch start engine, which means as long as the key is with me it will automatically unlock the car when I touch the handle and the engine starts with the touch of a button. So having my keys securely away in the key wallet makes life a lot easier. Plus, there’s no chance my phone will get scratched by stray keys in my bag.

My Diary I have a bit of an obsession with diaries and planners, but I am loving this one by The Bright Side. It’s two weeks to view and contains cute little memes on certain days. I can’t have an electronic diary. I need to write everything down. Along with it I have to have my Bic 4 colour pen. This is an awesome metallic pink one!

Sunglasses I absolutely adore my new Ray-Bans. They completely fold up so they are so easy to shove in a tiny bag! J’adore! Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Beauty Bits I don’t have many beauty bits in my bag, mainly because once I’ve done my make up I am done. I don’t faff throughout the day. I carry my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to moisturise my lips, my Bobbi Brown Hand Cream and what ever lip product I’m wearing that day. Today was my Sleek Matt Me Liquid Lipstick in Shabby Chic.

Phone And last but not least my iPhone. I cannot leave the house without my phone. If I ever did I’d be terribly lost without it.


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