And I’m back in the game!

Where have you been? I hear you ask. Yes, I know it’s been 3 months. Yes, I know I was going to blog as much as possible, and in my defence I was doing a good job for a while. But to be honest I felt a bit of a fraud. I was calling myself an actor, it’s even under occupation on my marriage certificate. I was writing about the life of an actor but I felt I wasn’t really living the life of an actor. I’d kind of pushed aside the acting and wasn’t being at all proactive. Just muddling through life at my normal job just earning money and I was starting to feel down about it. But stupidly didn’t do anything about it. I got married 2 weeks ago  (I will be doing a blog post on this soon, as of course it was an acting themed wedding), so that was all rather stressful and took up a lot of my time. And I think deep down I was disheartened that I wasn’t a big blog star with 20,000 views on my posts, until I remembered that isn’t the reason for this blog. To me this blog is an outlet to get my frustrations out, remember the happy times and, for those who do actually read it, allow you to see you are not alone, we all have those down days! But, whilst on our honeymoon in The Maldives (blog post of that probably to come) I had the time to think about what I was doing with my life and where I wanted to be headed in the next few months and I realised that I needed to get back on to the acting scene. Being proactive, getting to more auditions and being able to proudly call myself an actor!

So, here I am! Sat in my office. I have so far applied to 8 voiceover agents and applied to numerous castings on Casting Call Pro. I am back to being proactive and I am loving it. And therefore I thought I’d bring back the blog posts. Bring on whatever comes my way because I am back in the game!

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