What’s the answer to perfect skin?

What is the answer to perfect skin? As an actor, in front of the camera in particular, you want that flawless look. What with HD channels now it’s enough to make anyone concerned about their appearance. What with my upcoming wedding  I have been growingly concerned about my skin. First sight of a breakout and I’d be in panic mode, trying every lotion and potion I can find that even hints at claiming it will combat blemishes. Stressing about it only made it worse and making it worse only made me stress more. It was a vicious circle. Clarins and Emma Hardie were my products of choice when it came to skincare, Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm with Clarins moisturisers. But I was finding it wasn’t eliminating the problem areas. I do however still love their products, but needed something that was going to banish the blemish. I tried numerous other brands of skincare, ranging from Lush to Kiehl’s, but just wasn’t feeling satisfied. “Don’t keep throwing your money away on different products, just stop stressing about it”, explained my fiancé Matt. Easier said than done!

“Can you remember back to when you had good skin”, asked Matt. “Yes, my late teens/early 20s”, I replied. “When I was using Liz Earle”. When I was using Liz Earle! So, cut to the next day and I was trialling the travel size Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser and Face Mask. After a week my skin was looking so much clearer. I would use the cleanse and polish to remove make-up in the evenings, followed by the tonic (applied by cotton pads and the moisturiser. I love taking my make-up off in the evening. These products are so luxurious and worked wonders on my problematic areas. It feels like a mini spa treatment as you massage the Cleanse and Polish into your skin and using the cloth to wipe it away gently acts as an exfoliator, getting rid of the dead skin. Sweeping over the Tonic just allows you to remove any traces of make up that the cleanse and polish didn’t quite reach. Then the moisturiser, which so nicely completes the 3 step skin routine.


Since, I have now bought all the full size products and have also added the exfoliator and Eye Bright to my skin routine and I am in love! I would highly recommend these products for any skin type. Liz Earle source only the finest naturally active ingredients for their unique efficacy on skin, working closely with the best farmers and growers to ensure they are sourced in the most responsible and ethical way. I find their products are great for achieving radiantly healthy-looking skin.

Liz Earle can be bought online at Liz Earle, John Lewis, Boots or Feel Unique.


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