iPhone Apps I can’t live without!

I am a huge Apple fan. I have a MacBook Air, iPhone, Apple Watch, an iPad and back in the day I had many different iPod’s. Technology today is just continually evolving and I do wonder how I survived in life before we had smart phones. How did I find my way when walking to an audition? How did I keep up to date with my emails on the go? And more importantly, how did I know when anyone’s birthdays were without Facebook reminding me? On the go there are certain apps I can’t live without and I thought I’d share those with you. They’re probably quite similar to yours.

  1. Google Maps – I prefer Google Maps to the iPhone Maps app. It’s so up to date and tells me if there are any accidents or generally traffic, which could delay my journey, and it always finds the fastest route for you. If I have an audition, I just type in the location and it’ll find me the nearest tube and how long it’ll take to walk there. Perfect!
  2. WordPress – It’s a great app to keep up-to-date with your blog on the go. You can make changes to posts, schedule when they will go live, check your stats and even create a post on the move. If you have a WordPress blog I strongly recommend this app.
  3. Lloyds Bank – This app is brilliant for on the go! If you need to check your account balance or transfer some money, it’s all at your finger tips. Not sure you can really afford that new handbag? – you can always double check!
  4. Everyone Active – This app allows me to book and cancel gym classes. I am loving the gym at the moment, especially with my gym buddy Helen and it’s just so easy to open the app and book a class.
  5. Tube Map – I can’t go into London without this app. The last thing you want is to head off for an audition and discover the tube line you will be using is closed or has severe delays. With this app you can check all the line statuses and plan your route telling you exactly how long your journey will take. It makes planning my journey a million times easier.
  6. National Rail – I love this app for a similar reason I love the Tube App. It allows planning my journey so easy. It gives you all the train times so you don’t end up standing on a platform for half an hour waiting for a train. You are always one step ahead.
  7. Mail – The basic email app that comes with the iPhone. I can keep up-to-date on the go and the fact that they ping straight to my phone, I don’t miss a thing.
  8. Safari – If I every run out of data whilst on the go, I don’t know how to survive. When I’m on the move it’s fabulous to have the ability to check the internet. From online shopping to googling random facts.
  9. YouTube – I have become obsessed with watching YouTube videos. Sometimes it can be so boring on a train journey, it’s nice to just sit and watch a video. It makes that long journey just a little more bearable.

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