Getting through the casting room door!

For so many years that has been my number one problem. Getting through the door! Just getting an audition. Now, don’t get me wrong I get auditions, but they would be, maybe, one every 3 months, if that . Which is not what I want! I want a casting every week, a couple on one day even, but I know that isn’t always possible.

What I was finding really hard was the fact that I wasn’t even getting the chance to show them what I could do, how good I could be or how right for that part I was because something about, perhaps my headshot, wasn’t even getting me the audition.

But something just recently has changed. Now firstly, I don’t want to jinks it, because my god am I happy about getting castings and secondly, I haven’t got a clue what I have changed or done any differently, I mean my newest headshots were done in August. Maybe my agent has that I’m not aware of. But nevertheless, back in November I had 2 castings, but not just two in a month… two in a day! I had one for Google and one for McDonalds – which I was pencilled for! Now while we are on the top of being pencilled! I use to get so excited about being pencilled for a commercial. Last March I was pencilled for a Geordie Shore commercial and I have since realised it really makes no difference if you are pencilled or not. It doesn’t confirm anything, because that pencil is as quickly rubbed out as it is written. What I’m trying to say is, it’s a nice feeling but never get your hopes up that you’ve got the job. Then 2016 started well with a casting the 2nd week of January for an Army commercial and then the following week for Maltesers. When you haven’t had a casting in a while it can really make you forget who you are. I sometimes question whether I’m an actor or not, but when castings come in it certainly puts a little spring in your step and confirms my doubts that I am an actor, and a professional one too!!

But this post isn’t about me waffling on about the fact I’ve had some pretty good castings recently!

Drama school teaches you a lot about what to expect in castings, but there are some silly little things that I think are quite important that I have learnt along the way:

  1. Preparation before form filling– what is she on about I hear you ask? When you arrive at a casting they give you a form to fill out, often about 3 pages long, sometimes longer. Plus, more often than not, they will give you a script to learn. Always sit and learn the script. Don’t even worry about the form. Once you’ve done the casting you can fill out the form without rushing. The important thing is knowing the lines. As long as they get the form from you before you leave it really doesn’t matter.
  2. Go with a positive frame of mind – I strongly believe if you go with the intention of walking in and getting the job it gives you that little more confidence that you may be lacking, to get in there and do a good job. I often say to myself “I’m right for this job, I’m what they are looking for, I’m going to solve their problem of who to cast”, not in a big headed way, just to try and give myself the little boost I need when heading into the casting room.
  3. Forget about it– the minute you leave the room completely forget about it. I am only just starting to get my head around this. I would leave the casting and be constantly hoping my phone would ping with that email from my agent saying I got the role. It’s not healthy! Because when that ping never comes it will only leave you more deflated. Also, don’t dwell on how badly you remembered the lines, or question yourself on the way you performed. It’s done now and in the past!
  4. Measurements – when I went for my first ever casting the form had a section for measurements you had to fill out! This is your measurements i.e: waist, hips, bust etc. When I saw this I completely panicked!! Luckily, I had just sent someone my measurements, so only had to flick back through some old emails. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to put anything down and looked so unprofessional. Now, I have my updated measurements typed up in my phone so I never have to panic.
  5. Agent Details – this might sound like an obvious one. It always asks for your agents contact number, which I’m sure everyone has saved in their phone anyway. But, last week at a casting I was asked for my agents address. Embarrassingly I did’t know it. Now that is something I also have typed up in my phone. Or a notebook if you’re old school!
  6. Be alert – okay this one we were taught at drama school. Be alert! Get a good nights sleep and try to be on the ball. The amount of times I’ve got to an audition, having crammed all those lines in my brain the day before, to be told it’s changed and you need to learn a whole new script in the 5 minute waiting time! If your brain is not on… you have no hope!

Good luck getting through the audition room door! If you have any fabulous tips to share4ac0a3316c5b482965183dad4c097112 then please comment them below! We are always learning on the job!

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