Gyming it like a Pro!

Cancelling gym memberships is something I’ve become quite a pro at. In total now I have been a member of 4 gyms. I’d join with high aspirations. Determined that I would go at least 3 times a week, get fit, eat healthy and have a routine. This usually lasts about 2-3 weeks and then I’d start to find any old excuse not to go to the gym. Then, before long I’d realise I’d wasted my money and then cancel my membership. Then a year later I’d join another gym – determined to go to the gym. This would last, again 2-3 weeks and then I’d cancel my membership. Then a friend would join a membership, so I’d join with them, determined I’d go to the gym… well you know where this is heading!

I have now been a member of my gym since November 2014 – I know! I’ve surprised myself!! I honestly think this is mainly down to my wonderful gym buddy Helen. We aim to go to the gym at least three times a week. Our normal routine is Circuits Monday and Tuesday and Body Combat on Thursdays. But occasionally due to work commitments etc. we have been changing our routine. Sometimes Helen might add in spin or I might go straight to the gym and do my own routine. It’s so hard to remain motivated but below I’ve included a few little tips.

Hana’s Top 5 Tips To Stay Motivated at The Gym

  1. Get a gym buddy – Helen has been a great gym buddy. She encourages me to go and pushes me to do my best in the classes. She’s definitely stronger and fitter than me so my goal is to try and keep up with her – it’s tough I can tell you!
  2. Go straight from work – There is nothing worse than getting home from work, sitting on the sofa and watching some TV for a few hours and then having to find the motivation to get up and go to the gym. If you take your gym stuff with you to work you can go straight to the gym. No excuses then!!
  3. Set goals – Work towards something! For me my wedding is a big goal. In three months time I am having my measurements taken for my wedding dress so know I need to get toned and slimmed down a little in time for then. The task after that is maintaining it (or losing a little more 😉 ) Maybe you are working towards a big event. Or want to let an Ex know what they are missing, doesn’t matter what it is, just set some!
  4. Try and enjoy it – If you don’t enjoy going to the gym you are likely to give up more easily. Going with a friend can make it fun – I know Helen and I have a good laugh! Find what classes you enjoy and what stations you like in the gym, it’s certainly a starting point.
  5. The music – Playing inspirational, motivational music really helps you get through a session at the gym. It’s all very well turning up having a little play on the treadmill, thinking about doing some sit ups and then changing your mind and going home. That’s why it’s good to blast out some tunes (through your headphones of course – what’s motivational music to you might be a racket to others) to keep you moving and powering through.

Of course I am absolutely no professional, so this is just an amateur’s view on getting to the gym. I’m just proud that I have now stuck with my gym for nearly a year and actually go! Just set a personal best!!

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