Strictly Come Dancing Audience 2015!

I’m one of the lucky few who happens to live in the UK equivalent of Hollywood. Where the local hang out is the large McDonalds and the only exciting thing to happen is the fireworks at the end of a Big Brother Final. Where I hear you ask? Borehamwood. Now don’t get me wrong! I actually love my hometown and it’s great when you are lucky enough to bag yourself tickets to the premier show of Strictly Come Dancing. A big shout out to my awesome boss Charlie, who happens to be living it up on her honeymoon, so gave me her tickets! Plus, Big Love to my awesome Mum for coming with me and making the experience even more fun!

What an incredible night out! A long tedious day consisting of lots of queuing, but once you’re in the studio you forget about all the waiting around and you are wrapped up in the glitz and glamour that is Strictly! All in all, we queued for about 1hr & 45mins to get our tickets validated (we ended up being 95th and 96th in the queue – which is the order you enter the studio). Then you have time to get your glad rags on to return at 3pm… For more queuing! Another hour or so and we were finally in to the holding area.

Then it was finally time to head on in to the studio. We were lucky to have some of the best seats, just to the right of the judges, end of the aisle were the dancers and celebs walk down. A bonus as I then got a cheeky kiss from the lovely Anton Du Beke.

So, to keep this post from being a long hour by hour encounter of our evening, I have written down some points:

  1. The professionals are amazing!
  2. There is lots of hanging about but when the cameras start rolling it’s all worth it.
  3. The warm up guy is hilarious and really keeps the audience in high spirits, applauding and whooping at all the right points.
  4. Nothing is filmed in sequence – but would be if you were going to see a Live Show (obviously)!
  5. Anton Du Beke is a crowd pleaser and proper gentleman.
  6. Claudia Winkleman – what you see is what you get!
  7. Tess Daly – is absolutely stunning! Never realised until I saw her in person, just how beautiful she is, with incredible skin! STUNNING!!
  8. The Floor Manager – Alan, does an amazing job!
  9. Everyone from the judges & professional dancers to the people who show you to your seats & hang up your coat are so friendly. They come and talk to you and really make you feel part of the show.
  10. We got fed – Kitkats and orange juice! With the odd bag of Haribo thrown out too!
  11. We watched the celebrities meet their partners for the first time – we were the first to know!
  12. The dance floor looks tinier than it does on TV.
  13. The new professional dancer, Otie, has the most amazing legs!
  14. The band really is incredible!
  15. Jess Glynne performed and was amazing!
  16. Gregory Porter and his band were fantastic, singing ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz”.
  17. I have never whopped, applauded and given as many standing ovations as I did that night!
  18. Seriously apply for tickets because it really is a good night out!


Keep Dancing!

3 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing Audience 2015!

  1. Omg! Your life sounds so great. Wish I could be transported into it. Keep going your doing an awesome job on the blog. 🙂

  2. hi, just wondering what time you got there in the morning to start your first queue of the day? (I’m going this weekend!) – thanks x

    1. We got there at 7.30am and we were 95 & 96 in the queue. The people at the front arrived at 5.30am!! Just depends how determined you are to be right at the front of the queue.
      Have a fabulous time!! It’s so much fun and the warm up guy is brilliant!! x

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