New Headshots

Headshots are one of the most important tools as an actor and my goodness they stress me out! I think in my, roughly, 8 years as an actor (around my time at drama school), I have had about 7 or 8 headshot sessions. Some with friends practicing and others with professionals. But the pressure to get a good picture, one that is a good representation of yourself and will help get you work, can be stressful!

Natalya Chagrin 2015
Natalya Chagrin 2015

On Sunday I had some new headshot done with my amazingly talented, fellow ArtsEd friend, Natalya. I had a few headshots done with Tally a while back when she was first trying out, but my god is she amazing now (she was pretty damn good before)! Tally, is too, an actress (and a very good one at that) and she’s always had a passion for photography.

Natalya Chagrin
Natalya Chagrin

I’ve seen some of her portrait (check out the picture she took of Peter Andre!!) and wedding pics and trust me, they are good. Tally made me feel so at ease. Headshots are a nerve racking thing. “How do I look?”, “where shall I look?”, “should I smile?”, “how should I hold my head?” – all these things are going through your head and you slowly turn into a rabbit in the head lights. But not with Tally. Continuously through the shoot she’s showing you some of the pictures she’s taken and I love that. Other photographers just snap away and you don’t get the chance to see what they are looking like until they send you the whole lot to look through a couple of days later. You can work out what looks good, because as much as you think you know what you’re face is doing, it’s 99% of the time doing something different!

Natalya Chagrin 2015
Natalya Chagrin 2015

Tally is brilliant. Because she’s an actress she knows exactly what industry people are looking for in a headshot. And an added bonus is, having trained together, she knows my casting and can draw that out in my photos.

I really want to thank Tally, not only for these amazing shots, but also because she took a few cheeky portrait pictures for me to use for my blog, so I will certainly be incorporating them into the title on the home page at some point!

Book Natalya now for your headshots because I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. £220 for a headshot session or £250 for a headshot session with portraits alongside. Email:

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