The Dreaded Questions

There is one question every actor hates to be asked. “So, what are you doing at the moment”. – It’s a kill me now kind of question. One only the smug actor who’s currently/recently finished an acting job would ask!

Let me set the scene… I was at the gym. I’d just finished a particularly hard circuits class and my gym buddy, Helen, bumped into someone she used to go to school with. Helen’s friend asked her how she’d been and what she was up to. Then Helen asked her what she was doing now. “I’m an actor” was her reply. So of course I was then introduced as a fellow actor. Then here it came. It was as if she had dropped the awful C-Bomb! “So, what are you doing at the moment”. I wanted to shrivel up into a ball and die (yes I’m dramatic, I’m an actor!!!).

In this circumstance do you think of your biggest accomplishment, even if it was 5 years ago and tell them that or are you honest? Of course I went for honesty – bleugh! “Auditioning for bits and bobs but currently nothing in particular” I replied, then of course you have to pay the favour. “How about you?” I ask, “Oh, I’ve just finished filming”. She was obviously and well deservedly feeling smug about the fact that she’s just finished a job. Hey, so would I! It turns out she’d finished filming two episodes of a well known BBC programme.

Now, normally I’d go home and cry into my pillow, complaining to the universe, wondering “why can’t it be me” and “why is my life so horrendous!” But doing this blog has helped me by writing it down and getting over it. Everyone is at different stages in their lives. You cannot compare yourself to others. And that’s a free bit of advise for everyone!!

But just to top it off, of course, she had a newer, bigger version of my car. Bitch! 🙂

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