Creativity Everywhere

It’s so lovely to just get away from it all. Leaving behind the stresses of life. At the moment we are selling our flat and buying a house, plus getting married in less than 10 months, so we have lots going on. So, it was so lovely to go away for the week. Matt (my fiancé) and I went to the Isle of Wight Monday – Friday and then had the weekend in Southampton.

Matt’s parents have a boat (I know, sounds pretty swish doesn’t it), which we sailed over to the Isle of Wight (with the help of Matt’s dad) and stayed on for the week. Once on the island it was time to put home and work behind us and relax, and that we did! We met up with our best friends – my best friend married Matt’s best friend, CUTE!. And we had the most wonderful week in the most gorgeous setting.

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So, the point in this post was not to sit here and ramble on about my amazing holiday. It’s about how creativity is everywhere. Which leads me nicely to a beautiful story our friends, Rachel and Simon, told us…

They’d gone for a browse round the little shops in Yarmouth just before they were due to come and pick us up for a day at the beach. They came across a shop called Sailor Ted. From the outside it looked like a sweet Teddy Bear shop, but once inside you realised the beauty of what they sold. The couple that owned the shop had retired from Kent to the Isle of Wight, for the slower pace of life and pretty setting. The husband Frank Fenwick, decided that in his retirement he was going to write children’s books, all about Sailor Ted and his adventures on the Isle of Wight. His very proud wife went on to tell them how his books were published and they even had made the teddy of Sailor Ted to accompany the books, which they sell in store. Frank’s wife runs the shop selling the books and the Sailor Ted teddies as well as some other teddies, mainly to fill the store. But what a glorious story. How moving to the Isle of Wight gave Frank a burst of creativity, producing some beautiful children’s books in his retirement.

To purchase a Sailor Ted book you can go to Amazon or Waterstones. Or check out the official Sailor Ted website at

Listening to Frank’s story, and his new found creativity after having moved to the Isle of Wight, got me wanting to explore what the island could offer me!

  1. Pottery Painting – whilst the boys went golfing at the beautiful Freshwater Bay Gold Club (I never thought I could call a golf course beautiful but this was. The views were stunning). 
    Anyway whilst the boys were taking in the views, Rachel and I went pottery painting at Chessel Pottery Barn. What a great afternoon. We firstly chose our items. I chose a mug, whilst Rachel chose a cupcake trinket pot. Then we got to work, painting our masterpieces. We both commented on how relaxing it was, sitting and painting. Then of course we treated ourselves to cream tea!
  2. People Watching – After our afternoon of pottery painting we went and sat by the beach. I find people watching so relaxing and gives you time to reflect. I had time to sit and think about life. Plan how I’m going to take my career over the next few months. Started jotting notes down for my screenplay.
  3. Photography – I would certainly never say that I am anywhere near a good photographer, but I certainly enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings. When you have a beautiful setting such as the Isle of Wight, it’s only right you take photographs of it. I downloaded an app on my iPhone as well, that draws out the beautiful colourings of the photo and makes them pop. The app is called VSCO Cam and is free in the apps store.

But, not only was our trip a chance for me to reflect and be creative. It was amazing time spent with wonderful people! 

2 thoughts on “Creativity Everywhere

  1. Hana! Long time no see! What a lovely post – I wanted to read even more – and so great to find your blog. You appeared in my reader under my ‘Acting’ tab. I am now going to go back and read all your posts about life at Arts Ed. I ended up going to East 15 and am just about to finish my MA there. I’ve also realised both our blogs use the Adelle theme too 🙂 x

    1. Hi Jennie!! How great to hear from you. Lovely to see you also have a blog. I look forward to reading through and hearing about your time at East 15. A friend graduated from there on the MA course a few years ago now. Haha, snap on the same theme. Right lets check out that blog of yours. 🙂 x

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