Remaining Positive!

positivity 11373559_1652562721641044_47016649_n

1. the state or character of being positive : a positivity that accepts the world as it is.

Remaining positive is certainly easier said than done. When you are having a tough day it’s hard to clear your head of all those negative thoughts. Why is that?

As an actor it is very tough to remain positive. You don’t know when you’re next audition is, let alone when you might secure your next job. Even if you try not to, you end up constantly comparing yourselves to others.
“They’ve had more castings than me”
“This year they’ve had more paid acting jobs than me”
“Their headshots look better than mine”
But it doesn’t stop at fellow actors, you even start to compare yourself to non-actors too.
“They can get a mortgage easier than me”
“They have stable careers”
“They earn more than me”
These thoughts are enough to drive you insane and yet everyone has them, We are all constantly comparing ourselves with others. Why do we do that? It’s not healthy, yet we can’t help but do it.
I read the definition of positivity before I started this post and something jumped out at me – a positivity that accepts the world as it isAccept the world for what it is!! To a certain extent I have chosen the path I have taken in life. I love acting and I can’t see myself doing anything else… I don’t want to do anything else. For me there are many ways I can remain positive and I am going to try these things over the next few weeks.
  1. On a negative day, write a list of positive things that are happening in my life – getting married in 10 months and becoming an Auntie for the second time is a start 🙂
  2. Take control of my life – apply for acting jobs and be active
  3. Do what makes me happy – stop trying to please others, you want to live a happy life and that can’t always be accomplished if you are trying to make others happy
  4. Remember the world is what it is – don’t dwell on the past, just look to the future

Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t going to become a walk in the park, which you will breeze through in a constant state of happiness, never having a negative thought again. But, just think what a powerful world we could live in if we all approached life with a positive frame of mind!

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