Proud Friend Moment!

Getting a job at the National Theatre is a big deal… a BIG deal!!! Something that I will aspire to, but my drama school buddy has achieved just that.

Last Friday, myself and my fellow drama school grads, as well as many other proud friends and relatives stood excitedly outside the Lyttelton Theatre about to watch the invite only, understudy run of Three Days in The Country. My incredibly talented drama school buddy, Mateo Oxley, has bagged himself the understudy role of one of the lead characters, Belyaev, and we were about to watch him strut his stuff on one of the National Theatre stages!!

Photo Credit: National Theatre
Photo Credit: National Theatre

When Mateo isn’t playing the lusty, young tutor, he can be seen in the ensemble. And if he moves the furniture as amazingly as he plays Belyaev, then wow, that’s some amazing furniture moving!!!

Mateo was amazing!! Quite simply, AMAZING! God, he broke some hearts in what was a honest and truthful performance. He has such a wonderful presence on stage and I know that when I see him as the Ensemble, I won’t be able to take my eyes off him then either.

Turgenev’s passionate and moving comedy is a must see. Not only is it directed by the brilliant Patrick Marber but it has been cast so brilliantly, with Mark Gatiss, Nigel Betts and Amanda Drew to name a few taking the lead roles. And of course the brilliant Mateo Oxley 😉

At the Lyttelton Theatre, until 21 October. Box office: 020-7452 3000 or visit the website for more info

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