God I’m rubbish at blogging!

Well, the title says it all doesn’t it!! Back in January, a whooping 7 months ago… 7 months, SEVEN MONTHS, I announced on this very bold some New Year Goals.

One in which read “Update my Life of a Drama School Graduate blog at least once a month”

And that I did… well for one month! That is utterly rubbish, I know! On January the 10th I said I would post at least once a month, so along came January’s post on the 17th and then my next… well that’s this one. I haven’t posted in 7 months. Why? That is a very good question! Acting is a hard career, mentally. And I think over those past months I have noticed it more than ever. Struggling to motivate myself, not really knowing in what direction my life was headed. God, that’s heavy stuff isn’t it?! Anyway, I just didn’t get round to posting on the blog because life (or whatever other excuses I made) just got in the way.

Then something popped up on my Facebook page! One of my best friends sisters had started a blog. Not only is she one of my wonderful friends sisters but she too trained at ArtsEd, the same drama school I did (along with her sister I might add). The blog titled “A Quarter Life Crisis” I just knew I had to have a read. And what a great read it was. So much so that she has encouraged me to get back on the blog.

Photo Credit: Alex Marie Johnson www.alexmariejohnson.com
Photo Credit: Alex Marie Johnson

Talking solely about acting is hard, especially on my down days, so I have decided to just talk. Create posts about anything and everything, some maybe on acting some may be on life in general. But however I am going to write. At the moment I am going to aim at posting every Wednesday and Sunday and see how we go, but hey, I said I was going to post at least once a month and that didn’t happen.

So, be sure to check back Wednesday at 5pm for my next blog. But until then you have to check out Alex’s blog A Quarter Life Crisis… and I’ve made it even easier to do so, just click on the link www.alexmariejohnson.com

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