New Year Goals

New-Year-New-Goals-300x300I’ve decided to set myself some goals. Sometimes life takes over and you get hooked into the ‘real world’. Doing that 9-5 money job, you forget that you’ve an actor. You feel guilty for enjoying that little job teaching dance, singing and drama to children, because you should be enjoying trawling Casting Call Pro looking for jobs and attending classes.

I’ve decided to set myself some goals to achieve throughout the year that help me to remember that I am an actress and keep me in tune with my creative self.

  1. Read a play a month
  2. Speak to my agent either via email or phone every 3 months – check in with her and keep up to date with what I’m being put up for etc
  3. To start work on a short film script
  4. Attend at least 10 workshops with Casting Directors in 2015
  5. Update my Life of a Drama School Graduate blog at least once a month

Why don’t you try and set yourself some goals? Might only be one or two. Just don’t lose touch of who you really are!

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