Audition Fun!

I love auditioning. Firstly, just to get an audition is an absolute joy. But the fun you can have in an audition is just as wonderful. I use to get so scared of auditioning, worrying about what the director might ask you to do on the text you’ve worked so hard on before entering the room. You make your opinions on the character, think of a few options on how to play it and then the director sweeps in with something completely different. Something I hadn’t considered. Can I adapt what I have prepared to give the director what he is looking for? The answer… of course! What use to scare me is now something I really enjoy. The director will of course ask you to play it a different way, even if what he/she sees is exactly what they want. They want to see if you can take direction well. But I accept the challenge and enjoy playing, trying ideas I had never even thought of.

I had an audition yesterday. A wonderful friend of mine has written a web series (the script is brilliant and it’s not even the final draft!!) and she asked me to come and meet with the producer Phil and read a role she thought I’d be perfect for. She was seeing people from 12.30pm and I was at 5pm and all those coming in for the casting were friends of hers. I had felt a nervous beforehand because of course you do! Mainly, because I just want to be brilliant – don’t we all! I had so much fun in that room. I showed them (Katie and Phil the producer) what I had prepared and then came Phil’s wonderful direction. Playing with his ideas and using all those tools I learnt from drama school was so much fun – that feeling of being so free with your acting is something I can’t even describe.

But once that adrenaline filled 10min audition time is over, you are back to your normal life, waiting for that phone call that says you got the job. Or waiting for a call that never comes!

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