Life As A Struggling Actor…

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in about 11 months – OMG that is awful. It’s nearly a year! Well here is a new and improved post:

My Life As An Actor. Acting is the most amazing thing in the world and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have acting. But what a struggle it is. At the moment I’m in the ‘don’t know what to do and how to feel’ phase. I feel so down if no auditions or acting jobs come up. I want to be doing it all the time. But you try to make your everyday, normal life more bearable by finding work that will make you happy and can, better yet, still be able to express my creativity. I have a normal office job but that certainly doesn’t aid my creativity (if anything it drives me to depression even more – I’d like to add I am exaggerating – I’m an actor after all). I, for example, have become the Area Manager of Little Stars Theatre Workshops (an award-winning theatre school – check us out at I really enjoy it. I hold wonderful holiday workshops, Tuesday evening weekly classes and themed birthday parties. It’s certainly something that keeps me from going mad and allows me to be creative. Life feels good. I apply for acting jobs, go to classes, attend auditions, but still have a job that pays the bills and isn’t sole destroying – all the time hoping an acting job will come along. Then, that brilliant acting job offer finally does come. That job you simply have to accept (after all it could lead to more opportunities – and some of the jobs I’ve done recently have!). At last that year at drama school is paying off. All that hard work and determination has finally got me a part in a play in London. You look at the script, start highlighting lines, doing character analysis and writing in your rehearsal schedule and show dates – when the real world comes round and hits you on the back of the head! Oh wait, the rehearsal dates and a couple of the show nights clash with work commitments. What do I do? Turn down the acting job I have craved for months to work in a job I’m only doing to earn money (but that I do absolutely love doing in the ‘real world’) or let my employee down and take the job (after all I am a professional trained actor). You feel awful for letting people down and feel you can’t get excited about an acting job that you have hoped and prayed for months would some day come. It drives me insane.

What I want to know is, how can you have a normal life and be an actor? One day I’m sure I’ll work this out, but until then – answers on a postcard please!

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