Bryony Hannah – What an inspiration!


The wonderful actress Bryony Hannah, who is currently in Call The Midwife on BBC, playing Cynthia Miller, came in to speak to us about the life of an actor and how it is possible to make it with a little hard work. She inspired me so much. I was in absolute awe of her, as she was so modest about how successful she has been. She appeared in not only Call The Midwife, but the film Cemetery Junction with Ricky Gervais, Life’s Too Short and Dead Boss. But as a relatively new actress she appeared in The Children’s Hour alongside Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss. She stole the show and received amazing reviews, one of which I have included below. Click on the link to read it:

Telegraph Review

She made me excited to get out into the big wide world and start looking/making my own work, because those who sit back and wait for the agent to call with an audition are more likely to become lazy and un-productive.

So, I thought it might be worth including below some of the great points that Bryony shared with us.

  1. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror. Really know who you are.
  2. Don’t choose the audition piece that you think will be the most challenging for you. Pick what you are good at and will help you to get the job.
  3. Help each other. We have made 29 contacts from being on this course and we should help one another. If there’s an audition you think they’re right for then tell them.
  4. Invest in good headshots.
  5. Get on the mailing list for theatres to find out up and coming productions.
  6. Own the language of the text.
  7. Keep in the working mentality – go to the gym, swimming, see plays.
  8. Keep learning – classes, workshops and theatre trips.

I hope I get the opportunity to meet Bryony again and more importantly I hope I get to work with her during my career. And it just shows with hard work and determination you can do it!

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