Let’s start with a big welcome to you all who may read my blog. I have decided to start a blog about the life of a jobbing actor, just out of drama school. I attempted to start a drama school blog, but because I was so busy I never actually got round to keeping it up to date.

I am studying at Arts Educational Schools London and to be honest I haven’t technically graduated yet. But, I wanted to start now. With only 4 weeks and a showcase left to go, I thought now was a great time to begin the blog. I can talk about the showcase rehearsal process and discuss our wonderful lectures we have with brilliant professionals who come in to talk to us. I will also get some fellow Arts Ed grads to write a little blog (guest bloggers-whoop).

Well I hope you enjoy reading this and you get an understanding of:

The Day in the Life of a Drama School GraduateImage


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I love the quote at the top of your blog. This looks like a fantastic idea for a blog. I’m on a very similar journey, and I’m excited to watch your career as it begins. Great headshot by the way. Gorgeous!

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